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About AB Aeterno

The Story

AB AETERNO is a young, innovative and emerging Italian company. Since 2012 we produce wooden watches Made in Italy with Swiss movement, combining the beauty of nature to watchmaking. All began while Marco Tommasoni - Founder of AB AETERNO - was in Australia. During a visit to a natural reserve Marco developed the idea of a watch made by wood. Born this way the concept of the first series of AB AETERNO watches. In order to taste the reaction of public and experts of the sector, Marco took part to the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney getting positive feedback. This convinced Marco to dive into the new adventure.

The Brand Name

AB AETERNO is an expression that comes from Latin and means “from the past”. Our watches combine an innovative idea using primordial material that existed from the beginning of time and is extremely natural. The Latin name was selected as an evidence of our Italian origin so as to perceive the Italian style and taste that are famous and appreciated all over the world. Moreover the name is evocative of the time that passes inexhaustibly, testified by the changes which the wood is subjected.

The Brand Logo

The logo is a stylized spiral, it represents the tree’s rings indicating the age of the plant. We selected this logo indicating the time that passes and leaves its trace. The time is not only marked by the hour hands, but also by the emotions and the important moments of life in a continuous motion, in a eternal spiral.