Wear What’s Hot – When It’s Cold

Winter-Fire-Socks-ImageWinter is knocking on our back door. And you all know what that means – layered clothing, boots, scarves, thick socks, a warm fire inside with the snow falling outside, and lots and lots of hot chocolate.

As much as I HATE being cold, I have to admit that I love the holidays, comfy clothes, and my Bearpaw boots. I know that this is the time of the year for my oversized coat and thick wool leggings. Those keep me perfectly warm – so I guess I can’t complain.

Every winter though, fashion changes just a bit for both the women and man. And as long as they aren’t asking me to wear boots and shorts (*cough cough* teenage girls), I always like to try something different! Sometimes fashion from the past years show up as well! How about we take a look at the winter fashion trends of the past 50 years!


The 60s were a transition time. Towards the beginning of the decade we were closer to the fashion of the 50s. But as the years progressed, a whole new kind of fashion exploded that would carry until the late 70s. The ladies loved their large over the shoulder handbags and large gaudy jewelry like antique pins and geometric earrings. Men liked the wide belted, skinny fitted pants along with boots, vests, and extra wide ties! Fur seemed to really be the big thing for both men and women – fur hats, gloves, and coats! Obviously, the winter must have been bitterly cold because I would have been sweating in all that fur!

1960s-winter  0_6f8ad_9be3f107_orig      60s


Ahh the 70s. Such a fun decade of disco, platform shoes, and bright colors! Both men and women rocked the bell bottom jeans and the ladies even added some beaded belts! Winter coats came in multiple lengths to add a little more style or we could just threw on a cute wool poncho. Sunglasses were popular all year round. John Lennon made the small round “granny” glasses popular, but huge oversized sunglasses screamed disco! Winter ice may have put a damper on the platform shoes but the winter fashion of the 70s is definitely something to rave about.

70s-style-knee-boots1  UNITED STATES - CIRCA 1970: Ali Mac Graw And Ryan O Neil In The Film: "Love Story".Usa (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)   c060f39614feef6e902d4df2cc957e1e


The winters of the 80s were totally rad. Swatch watches came two on an arm and charm necklaces went well with leg warmers and fedoras. Fingerless gloves were hot all winter long – but something tells me that they didn’t quite do the job normal gloves do.  Skiing was the big thing in the 70s and so were those bright colored jumpsuits!

80s jumpsuit  80s guys     80s


Grunge was in. Winter, summer, fall, and spring. It could be seen everywhere, from Saved by the Bell to the cover of Vogue. What better way to store the winter scarves, gloves, hats and scrunchies then in your backpack purse or fanny pack! Or how about your new beeper? The winters of the 90s were obsessed with oversized vests, scrunchies, and printed leggings. And let’s not forget getting cozy by the fire listening to the beautiful voices of NSYNC!

Grunge1  90s  90s 1

Early 2000s

Cropped shirts (yes, even in the winter), camo pants or animal print, and Britney Spears. Spiked hair with blond streaks, silk scarves, and combat boots for the men and how about staying extra toasty with wearing a hoodie under a blazer? Thank goodness men and women had large messenger bags to store their blazers in when they are dying of heat stroke! Fedoras are what kept our heads warm and big faced Casio G-Shock watches kept our wrists heavy. At least there were shutter shades to keep the reflection of the sun on the snow, out of our eyes.
early 2000s
   early 2000s 1

2010 (that was 5 years ago?)

Winter was ALL about the coats! Coats for every occasion – including fur coats and cashmere. Also, ladies and gentlemen wouldn’t be caught frozen without a matching oversized bag or Wayfarer sunglasses! Boots work great with jeans or leggings and both women and men love them!

2010   Gossip-girl-winter-2010-fashion-trends

Now that you’ve all got a blast from the past – why don’t we focus on this winter’s fashion trends?

2015/2016 Winter Trends

What is the ideal winter outfit for everyone this season? Well, if you live in the cooler climate like I do, you want to make sure that you are able to stay warm, while staying stylish. This winter earth tones are in. We are loving colors like forest green, mushroom gray, winter white and sky blue. You can’t imagesgo wrong wearing bold earth tones. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match different shades of one color, but make sure that you break it up with a neutral color like a belt, scarf or bag!


This season ladies – make sure that you have a nice oversized bag to put your scarf and gloves into when you go inside! The oversized bags are in and look super fashionable when paired with a cute scarf or an adorable Marc by Marc watch! Don’t forget your winter coat! Parkas will forever be in style because they are warm, comfy, and just plain delightful. Also, all military style coats totally rock and are easy to dress up or down.


Boots are totally in mostly because there are so many different kinds and they look adorable with anything! Ankle booties are all the rage and look so perfect with almost any outfit! On a whole other spectrum we have lace up gladiator boots (maybe suede or with fringe) that give you an edge a1015nd are just plain awesome.  Have you ever thought of wearing some super thick wool socks and rubber wader boots? That combo is super modern but will you’re your toes warm and dry – plus they look amazing with some wool leggings!

Now, just because your tan is fading away that doesn’t mean you don’t have to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. This winter, oversized, cateye, and aviator sunglasses are in. Also, if you want to be a little different – don’t be afraid to pick sunglasses that are graphical or have the cat-eye look – any shape goes this season!

Now we won’t forget the guys! Guys this winter are all about the boots (stylish and practical), coat and the watch. The Casio Men’s Pathfinder watch is hot this winter and so are Invicta Men’s Russian Diver watches. How can a man not wear a watch when it adds so much class and a certain sex appeal?!
The coat is 10865920_10155104165215551_1969351762120851297_oprobably the most prominent accessory this winter. There are a few different coats that really stand out and that are even making a comeback. A man can’t go wrong with the classic double breasted, slim cut coat it can be worn everyday or for dress up. The midi length coats are highly in and look good on anyone! Just like the ladies, the parka is always a winner – so don’t be afraid to stick with something that has stood the test of time! Now for the comeback coat of the year. The duffle coat is a mix of the classic winter coat and the parka. It has a hood with wood buttons, square pockets and a well-defined cut and design. Men cannot go wrong with any of these winter coat trends!

So, what is a man to wear to keep his feet as stylish as the rest of him? Ankle high leather boots are extremely practical and look good with just about anything. Also, for a little more swag – a man can wear some high top suede desert boots. And if a man doesn’t want to follow the boot craze, he can always do the traditional Oxford shoe.


A lot of guys want practical winter clothes so why not wear layers if it’s cold! Sweaters are super easy to layer and you can make sure that you will be warm this winter by throwing a jacket on top of that. Now, don’t forget the wool socks, hat, gloves and a sophisticated scarf to pull your winter look together.

This season, what are you wearing? Sweaters are awesome for everyone! They can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. We all love accessories and a winter outfit isn’t complete without a cute bracelet, simple pearl earrings, or festive snowflake earrings for the ladies. And how about some chukka boots and a Movado watch for the guys? We can’t forget the shades either! So this winter – bundle up, grab a warm drink, sit by a fire and do some online shopping, without fighting the blizzard, to help complete your winter look!









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