DJ Series: Trendsetters Presents… Ghastly!

Six years ago, David Crow was living in a van on Venice Beach while writing music in restaurant parking lots. Today, he’s a full-time studio engineer who’s collaborated and toured with some of the most respected names in EDM. Ghastly is one of the biggest underdogs in the industry, and his fame is growing fast.

His sound is in a right of its own. David skillfully meshes bass house with a flair of trap that is on par with the Skrillexes and Diplos of our world. The LA-based producer currently works under both OWSLA and Mad Decent, traveling around the US with Brillz, Party Favor, and an array of other well-respected DJs on the Twonk Di Nation Tour. Be on the lookout for his new track, Ghosts n Sharks, which he’ll be releasing with Jauz.

The only thing grittier than Ghastly’s sound is his style. Being a metal-head, he prefers to let his bangs bob in front of his face at shows and he’s never without a t-shirt from one of his favorite bands.

“I’ve actually began to dress more and more the way I always have, darker edgier and fun at the same time.”


How would you describe your style?

I guess some people would pin me as a metal head or an emo but my style changes consistently. I wear a lot of metal band shirts but I like to wear colorful shirts with bright patterns from time to time. From taco bell to pink dolphins to Jesus drinking a cup of lean. My favorite sweater has Miley Cyrus riding a bike with ET.

Tell me about the knife tattoo on your right arm.

It was done by my friend Eddie and I got it a little over a year ago. At first it was just something I wanted since music was working out so I wanted to get something that would show I wasn’t worried about getting a day job anymore. Then I received a large cut on it while drinking from a broken beer bottle at EDC in Vegas and it looked dope so I let it scar.

How has your style evolved since you started producing and playing shows?

I’ve actually began to dress more and more the way I always have, darker edgier and fun at the same time. For a while I was wearing a lot of black shirts with white patterns but I need more color in my style.

Fashion-wise, how do you stand out from other producers?

I guess a lot of people know me for wearing brutal death metal shirts with massive bloody designs and some have pinned circle glasses as a thing for me but I’m not a sunglasses at night kind of DJ, nothing against it but I’m blind as it is haha.

What genre(s) of music most influence how you dress?

I guess metal music had the biggest influence. You’ll never see me in a pair of pants that aren’t black jeans, and a metal shirt is never far from me.


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