Summer Bod Workout: Glutes and Legs

Hey Trendsetters, if you read my last blog post of a few quick, easy and healthy recipes, I want to thank you and also inform you that I will be writing workout plans in my next couple of blogs to help you tone up! This blog post will be focused on working your glutes and legs! Just a disclaimer, I am not a personal trainer or certified or anything like that, but I have done an immense amount of research and tried many different workout plans.

A little background information about my fitness journey is that when I returned to the US after being in Italy for 4 months, I was not looking as lean as when I went there. I was decently lean when I left to study abroad. I bought a gym membership in Italy, but I didn’t watch what I ate…pizza, pasta, gelato…like, can you blame me? Inevitably, I gained weight and more than I was okay with having.  Before I went to Italy I was vegan and it didn’t last soon after arriving.  When I returned home I really began to research diets and workout plans that I haven’t tried before.  Going vegan felt great and I got pretty lean from it, but I wanted a change.  I began to incorporate meat back into my diet, however, I am still dairy-free.  Dairy never sat well with my stomach as is, therefore, I just continued to keep it out of my diet.  Currently, I am Olympic weightlifting although, I still do isolation (bodybuilding style) lifts with cardio but I’m not always able to make it to the gym so here are a few exercises you can do at home!

First and foremost, warm up your body, get that blood pumping! Jump up and down, jog in place or walk up the stairs a few times! After you’re warm and have your blood flowing, choose 4-6 exercises below to create a glute and leg work out. This should be challenging and if it’s not, then do more reps!

Body Squats 5×50 (add weights, if possible)

Glute Bridges 5×30

Curtsy Lunges 5×30 (each leg)

Side Squat 5×30 (each leg)

Lunges 5×30

Single Leg Deadlift (each leg) 5×50

Calf raises 5×50

Pause Squats 5×30

Straight Leg Deadlifts 5×20 – use weight (gallon of water if you don’t have free weights at home)

Bulgarian Split Squats 5×20 (each leg)

Donkey Kicks 5×30 (each leg)

Mountain Climbers 3×30

Single Leg Ballet Kicks 3×30 (each leg)

Wall Sits 3×30 secs

Jump Squats 3×20

A great way to find new exercises is to follow fitness accounts on Instagram! I use it to get inspiration! If you’re not sure what some of these exercises are you can always search them online.

Again, choose about 4-6 exercises from this list to create a workout! DO NOT forget to stretch after your workout!  Leave a comment below and share with me your favorite exercises!

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