Why Aviator Sunglasses Fit Everyone

The best accessories are the ones that are most versatile. While owning a wildly colored hat or handbag is fun, you can only use it so often. But versatile accessories are those that you can wear every day and with any kind of wardrobe. When it comes to sunglasses, no style is more versatile than the aviator. The aviator’s distinctive style and classic look have ensured its long-time survival as a classic, even in the ever-changing world of fashion.


Aviator sunglasses have been around since the mid-1930s and were originally designed to keep the sun out of the eyes of pilots (hence the name “aviator”). This original style eventually came to be known as “Ray-Ban,” and an icon was born. The aviator was intended to be lighter than the old goggles style, while still protecting the eye as much as possible from light. This is what led to the traditional aviator style – large lenses with a slight bend, supported by a thin frame.


Today’s aviators follow that same general style, although the lenses themselves are now more varied. While they began with a very dark lens – which was optimal for their purpose – you can now find aviators in a variety of lens shades. You can find mirrored options, gradient or polarized lenses, or simple blues and even pinks in women’s options. And the frame itself offers variety as well – from gunmetal to silver to gold to tortoiseshell, you can choose the frame color that best suits your style. With all of the options provided by different frame colors and lens shades, you can coordinate your sunglasses with your clothes, your jewelry, or even your hair or skin tone to give you a reliable look that will turn every combination into a show-stopper.


Aviators are known as a “classic” for a reason. They simply never go out of style. For men and women on the go, having a simple, reliable pair of sunglasses can stretch your wardrobe that much further. Aviators are the perfect choice for a “signature” style – meaning a look that you want to be associated with you. Crafting a signature style means walking the line between “consistent” and “boring.” Aviators walk that line with aplomb, with a clean, classic look that always has you on trend, whatever the occasion.


Aviators are one of the few accessories that are equally suited for men or women. What began as a men’s style has now transitioned into the sphere of women’s fashion, and women’s aviators are now one of the most popular accessory categories. Aviators can be dressed up or down, and their light frames make them an easy choice for all-day wear. You can find masculine, dark-tinted looks, or light, more feminine lens shades, depending on your preference. Aviators are that perfect “wear anywhere” wardrobe staple, giving you the confidence of knowing that you will always look stylish, whatever the occasion.


Today you can find aviators from some of the top designers in the fashion world. Aviator sunglasses for women come from fashion houses such as Prada, Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, and Tom Ford, just to name a few. These same designers also create aviator sunglasses for men, with the iconic Ray-Ban always a steadfast staple.


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If you are ready to put one of the most successful fashion trends in history to work for you, then consider a pair of aviator sunglasses. A well-made pair of aviators can last you for years to come, making them a wise fashion investment. For the best accessories from the world’s top designers, trust AreaTrend!

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