A Natural Summer Glow

Hey Trendsetters,  we all love a good highlighter, and a natural summer glow does not have to come from inside a Sephora or a favorite beauty store. There are so many natural ways you can adjust your normal summer routine that will leave you with a glow from within.

  • Drink a bottle of water every morning – this is the most essential part to every women’s morning routine. Not only will drinking water in the morning wake your body up a bit, it will also reduce redness, acne and help with dry skin and lips.
    • If you are not a fan of just plain H20, try coconut water (full of potassium, manganese and calcium) or try water with lemon, cucumber and mint leaves for a more nutrients and flavorful drink!
  • Use sunscreen everyday – Not only does sunscreen help with awful sunburns, but it also helps with anti-aging. Sunscreen is very important in the summer, but try to find a foundation that you really love that has an SPF of 15 or higher for every season (including winter!).
  • Exfoliate your skin – Washing your face every morning and night is extremely important to keep your face fresh and acne free. In the summer it is even more important that you exfoliate; it targets the areas that your normal face wash may skip over such as blackheads, dead skin and even bust through thick layers of left over sweat.
  • Only wear make-up when you have to. The summer is a perfect time to let your skin breathe. Not wearing makeup can be the best way to get rid of acne and acne scars. Try not wearing makeup for a whole week, and you will notice a dramatic change in the way your skin looks and feels.
    • However continue to wash and moisturize your face every day!
  • Rose water – Rose and coconut waters have gotten popular over the past few months – and with good reasons. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce irritated skin and even help with eczema.
    • Other benefits of rose water include: heals scars and wounds, anti-aging skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, has antioxidant properties and cools the skin during hot summer days.

No matter your age, remember to take care of your body from the inside out! Skin care is so important because there is no replacing it. Take the time to research the products you use on your hair and skin — natural and organic are normally the best way to go.

XO Stay Trendy!


Featured Image: Jean Louis David

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