Seven Reasons Oakley Sunglasses Are Cooler Than the Flip Side of Your Pillow

A word that has become nearly synonymous with sunglasses is Oakley. That’s because one of the most popular brands in the world is makes arguably the best sunglasses for men and women. Since their inception in 1975, Oakley has utilized a patented material unique to their products to create a blend of fashion and utility not seen in any other eyewear.

The biggest reason Oakley has become a staple of eyewear essentials is that so much goes into their product. Oakley makes a superior quality product that is both visually pleasing and perfect for your eyes. Here are seven reasons that you should get rid of your old pair of shades and join the millions of people who know that Oakley sunglasses are the pinnacle best way to shield your eyes from the sun.

Optical Precision
When you purchase RX lenses from Oakley, they come individually crafted to the needs of the wearer. That means they reach clarity and precision that most other competitors never come close to. They are able to achieve this through 3D mapping technology, which they use to track light rays in a grid pattern. This allows your optical lobes and the surface of the lens to achieve precise coordination.

Plutonite Lens Material
This is another uniquely Oakley feature. The material the lenses are made out of is feathery light, which is made possible by its pure polycarbonate base: another element to the clarity that Oakley on which prides itself. It also provides a level of protection and comfort for the eyes against debris and harmful UV rays.

Color Inherence
Oakley continues to remain stylish with exclusive features only Oakley can master. The Color Inherent Technology is no different. Instilling color deep within their lenses to create vibrant hues from the color spectrum, Oakley lenses can withstand the test of time. Competitors will fade or tarnish while Oakley glasses will look like the day you bought them.

Iridium Lens Coating
Not only do Oakley products improve the attractiveness of the wearer, but they are also highly functional in active situations. The Iridium lens coating was created with the active individual in mind. The intention is to minimize glare by adjusting to whatever intensity of light you are exposed to. All of this is made possible by the extreme heated metallic oxides used to fuse the lens. With a variety to select from, different levels are available to find a lens coating specific to your individual needs.

Impact Protection
These oval sunglasses for women and men would not be complete without complete protection. Impact protection allows for the most coverage against different types of materials against your Oakley sunglasses. They do not just reach ANSI standards –  they blow past them to ensure your eyes are well protected. They are practically eye shields for men and women.

It is not surprising to know that Oakleys are some of the best polarized sunglasses. They use a liquid fusion technology to help achieve some of the most stunning glasses. Because of this, Oakleys minimize glare without creating any image issues like haziness or distorted images. Again, Oakley uses a unique process to make their clarity picturesque but their sunglasses chic and tasteful.

 UV Protection
Finally, the best sunglasses for men and women must offer quality ultraviolet radiation protection. This has one purpose: to keep dangerous UV rays from hurting your eyes. All of it comes from the unique Plutonite lens mentioned earlier. This keeps you 100% protected while being 100% fashionable.

All of these reasons help define why Oakley has become a brand that is trusted worldwide for their superior product and trendsetting design. From wrap sunglasses for women to sportswear for men, Oakley continues to elevate their design to the demands of their customers. They are not just another set of cheap men’s sunglasses or shabby women’s sunglasses. They are designer sunglasses for men and women that are recognizable and desired around the world.

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