How Women’s Boots Are Bringing Sexy Back

As everyone knows, sexiness comes from the inside out. A confident woman will always be sexy, whether she’s sashaying down a runway or simply enjoying her coffee during her morning commute. The best clothing and accessories are those which make a woman feel great about herself, allowing her inner goddess to shine through. Over time, certain fashion items have reached iconic status as the best options for helping a woman look her best. From the push-up bra to the little black dress, women have found their sexiness when they choose those pieces that they love to wear. But perhaps no accessory has more firmly planted itself as the ultimate in sex-kitten creation as the woman’s boot.

Before you start asking about pumps and fishnet stockings, consider what true sexiness really entails. It isn’t about what’s in the pages of a fashion magazine, or the newest avant-garde creation from your favorite fashion house. Sexiness is about how you feel – and nothing feels as great as a reliable pair of boots. Boots offer the ultimate in fashion versatility. The same footwear that keeps your toes warm and dry also takes a simple jeans and sweater combo and turns it into a look that sweet dreams are made of. Before you put yourself into an uncomfortable miniskirt and a pair of too-high pumps, think about what really makes you feel great. A simple, gorgeous pair of boots stretches your wardrobe and ensures that you will always look and feel top-notch. And what could be sexier than that? Here are three of our favorite pairs of women’s boots:


As much as we love boots, we know that picking the perfect pair can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, this Lucky Brand Women’s Esperanza Leather Ankle-High Leather Boot is here to save the day. This is one of the best women’s boots we’ve found in terms of versatility and comfort. It is a sweet, simple style that can easily fit in your suitcase if you’re leaving town, but somehow has the power to change an entire look. These sweet little beauties are small enough to make them easy to slip on and off, but have just the right amount of “oomph” to give your style some true sex appeal.

Want something unique? This Vince Camuto Women’s Harlin Ankle-High Leather Boot features supple leather and just the right amount of fringe. And the best part of these boots is the part you CAN’T see: they are incredibly comfortable. They feature man-made soles that will keep your feet warm and dry. If you want a simple pair of boots that will keep you looking and feeling great even after hours of wear, these are some of the best women’s boots out there.

Finally, if you’re truly a country girl at heart, these Laredo Women’s Miss Kate Mid-Calf Leather Boots is perfect for you. They feature a low heel and a square toe, perfect for all-day wear. These beauties are crafted from soft, supple leather and feature gorgeous flower detailing. They are easy to slip on and off, and quickly mold themselves to your feet, turning them into one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes you own. Pair them with jeans and a button-up, or with some short-shorts when you want to channel your inner Daisy Duke. These are the kind of boots that keep you looking confident and sexy while protecting your feet even in the worst of conditions. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.


AreaTrend loves bringing you the hottest accessories, from shoes to sunglasses. We pride ourselves on carrying the top selections from the world’s best designers, so you can find all your accessories in one place. And if you’re looking for women’s boots on sale, we’ve got the goods. We feature sales on our extensive inventory year-round. With AreaTrend, we know that sometimes just a small addition to your look can take you from feeling average to feeling like the fashion queen you are. Nothing can help you make that transition faster than a great pair of boots!

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