Women’s Retro Vintage Sunglasses Are Making A Comeback

They say that everything old becomes new again. Nowhere is that statement more true than in the fashion world. From cigarette pants to tulle dresses, the fashions of the past are quickly becoming the style statements of the modern era. Yesterday’s passing trends become today’s hottest looks, and the cycle continues on repeat.

This mantra is especially reliable when it comes to accessories, which can often remain fashionable for decades. Right now, for example, retro and vintage sunglasses are all the rage, and it is easy to see why. With classic styling and face-flattering shapes, these throwback pieces are easy to add to any wardrobe. With style icons like Jackie O blazing a path, sunglasses for women have never stopped being a favorite accessory of the fashion world. AreaTrend prides itself on being at the forefront of all of the latest trends, and this newest sunglass revolution is no exception. Here are three of our favorite retro fashion sunglasses for women.

You may be surprised to know that one of the world’s leading experts in women’s fashion is a man, but Tom Ford is no ordinary man. Among his fans, in fact, there is some question as to whether he is even mortal. What else other than other-worldliness could explain the man’s mystical fashion powers? Take these Tom Ford Women’s Gradient Anoushka Black Cat Eye Sunglasses, for example. They feature an absolutely spot-on cat eye shape which is angled just enough to be fashionable, but not so much as to be over-the-top. This incredible balance makes these gorgeous sun specs perfect for everything from a weekend in the Hamptons to sitting on the sidelines watching youth soccer. Featuring black plastic frames with grey lenses and a subtle silver stripe along the side, these glasses are both an admirable nod to the past and a joyous jaunt into fashion’s future.


Looking for something a little more “on the nose”? These Ray-Ban Women’s Round Camouflage Gold Round Sunglasses will do you right. The round frames have a fun ‘70s vibe, while the multi-colored frames and green lenses have a natural feel. These lightweight, wire-framed beauties will help you channel your inner Janis Joplin, while keeping your style oh-so Coco Chanel. For a simple look with a flower child vibe, these gorgeous glasses are a perfect choice. Best of all, they come from Ray-Ban, one of the most revered names in the game. With their combination of beauty and craftsmanship, these glasses are sure to add some fashionable flair to any wardrobe.

If you’re more of a ‘50s and ‘60s fan, look no further than these Prada Women’s Gradient Black Round Sunglasses. The round style is flattering on any face, while the dark frames and lenses will have you feeling like a star of the silver screen. Prada creates beautiful accessories, and their round sunglasses for women never disappoint. These beautiful sunglasses are perfect for wearing year-round, as their UV protection keeps your eyes safe in the summer, while the gradient lenses provide beautiful coverage even in the winter months. These sunglasses are a fantastic go-to choice for everything from a day at the beach to a quick trip to the coffee shop. If you want a simple pair of sunnies that have that “it” factor, these beauties from Prada are nothing short of perfect.


If you’re ready to add some retro looks to your wardrobe, AreaTrend has you covered. We have an incredible selection of accessories, from semi-rimless sunglasses to the hottest shoes and handbags available anywhere. AreaTrend keeps its finger on the pulse of the fashion world, giving you a fun, easy way to shop for the world’s top accessories in one place. From athletic shoes to stylish cellphone covers, we truly carry anything and everything you need to keep your style on point. With everything old becoming new again, now is the time to jump into some retro fashion with both feet. A vintage pair of sunglasses is a great place to start. And with the incredible selections and unbeatable prices from AreaTrend, you can be sure to always look your best.

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