The John Lennon Look: All You Need is… Circled Sunglasses

Whether you are fifteen, forty-five, or older than seventy, you have heard of the Beatles. Though each brought their own flare and style to the band, it was John Lennon who made round sunglasses iconic. Any pair of round lenses became known as “John Lennon glasses,” and everyone wanted to look like the British popstar. His likeness can be seen on posters, coffee mugs, t-shirts, billboards, and so much more, all with his signature circle glasses.

Lennon was not the first to feel the power of the round frames, though. During the 1920s and well into the 1930s, they had made a splash with people who wanted a different option for eyewear. Not only were they a great alternative, but they were also available to people who could not afford sunglasses but were finally able to thanks to advances in technology. Round sunglasses eventually fell completely out of style, with other frames taking center stage during the ‘90s. However, movie characters, such as Woody Harrelson’s Mickey Knox from Natural Born Killers, would help solidify them as a staple in fashion.

Today, round glasses are hitting the market with force, promoted as vintage sunglasses for a range of personalities. Often recognized by their rounded, or even completely circular, lenses and frames, these glasses are being heavily honored by steampunk-inspired fashion. Though a niche genre, there is plenty of appeal for those who enjoy their Victorian styles intermixed with technological flare. Because of the array of styles now associated with circle sunglasses, there a few subcategories have arisen. Here are a few to help you decide if the Lennon look is right for you.


As much as people want to say that circled glasses had been around long before Lennon, he made them desirable. Imagine long hair, skinny jeans, and musical motivation exuding from these lenses. Anyone wanting to capture the look of John Lennon cannot do so without a pair of his iconic circle sunglasses.



The newest trend isn’t the least fashionable. Where mechanical meets Victorian is where you will find people who want to use this type of round frames. Flashy watches and noticeable top hats are some accessories you might find accompanying steampunk-styled glasses. If you want to set your look apart, steampunk inspired spectacles are a good place to start.



For these, think of one of the greatest of self-made men: Jay Gatsby. These Ray-Ban round sunglasses indicate that you have worked hard and are ready to play hard. Perfect for formal wear at weddings but also comfortable out on the lake, both on the dock and on the boat. These harken back to the original versions created during the 1920s, a true vintage classic.



All things evolve, no matter how iconic they are. That’s why round sunglasses had to take on a modern look to appeal to everyone. Form fitting in a way that helps you look slender, these glasses do more for your appearance than just that. Chic and smooth, a modern pair of circle sunglasses will help you achieve the Lennon look you desire, with a contemporary twist.

Several brands have jumped on the trend as well. In addition to Ray-Ban, there are Gucci round sunglasses and Persol men’s sunglasses. Both companies produce excellent lines of these circles glasses. They realize some of the upsides to features round sunglasses have, both for their business and for your face.

Circle glasses tend to take up less space on your face – especially than frames like aviators – so your significant other gets to enjoy more of your face and your sexy sunglasses all at the same time. The smaller size also highlights your features more as an accent than an as an overstatement. It’s a softer look than many of the more vibrant glasses on the market. When you want to impress that special someone with a classic look based on Lennon’s iconic image, a pair of circle glasses is the accessory you need. Don’t settle for just one pair; with a plethora of options available to you, find out how you can make this look your own.

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