’90s Style Comeback: Designer Backpack Purses

Anyone who follows fashion trends understands a key rule of thumb regarding what is considered “stylish” and “in”: history repeats itself, including the history of fashion. Whether or not you were ready for it, backpacks for women are a new trend borne of an old one. A look at some of the hottest items throughout a decade will show you that more often than not, the styles everyone desires actually date back to an earlier generation who all wanted the same thing.

Examples of this concept are all around us. Just look what is happening today in the world of handbags and designer backpacks for women. What we see harkens back to a young Johnny Depp, Alicia Silverstone pictures everywhere you looked, and Seattle rock bands topping the charts. That’s right; love it or hate it, ’90s fashion has re-emerged as a powerhouse in the fashion world, but this time it’s in the form of a Tory Burch backpack.

New backpack trends remind us of something that connected the Beverly Hills youth to grunge kids and hip-hop enthusiasts. With the re-emergence of this trend has come some refined creativity, giving you lots of options to enhance your style. If you are looking for cheap backpacks for women from your favorite designers, you’re on the right track with us.

Having one of those tiny utilitarian bags was a major fashion statement then, and a new twist on it now has us all taking a walk down memory lane: stylish backpacks of all sizes. These versatile and practical satchels hanging loosely from one shoulder or strapped to both to sit (a little more comfortable) in the small of our backs are finding their way back into our closets at a quickly growing rate. Though it’s just one accessory, there are dozens of different styles and features that make the backpack trend accessible to people with all kinds of tastes and different needs.

Even designer brands are joining the movement. Next time you’re at the mall, you’ll probably see at least one super cute Michael Kors backpack, and it will be sitting right next to other designers who have embraced the trend. Just look around and you will see an Anne Klein backpack or a Rebecca Minkoff backpack, too. Check out how these designers have upgraded these once casual accessories and made them wearable in nearly every situation.

Let’s highlight a few popular examples of backpack deals. At first glance, the Michael Kors Rhea Zip Signature Leather Backpack looks less like a backpack and more like a tall purse with shoulder straps. A slender model, this Michael Kors backpack is 5” deep and won’t add a large awkward bundle to your back. The 11” x 13” frame offers every lady the space she needs to pack the essentials as well. The five pockets are an ideal way to keep some sort of organization to your belongings.

One brand that has embraced the trend is Nine West, known for their sleek and stylish work-ready wear. Or, if you want something like a Nine West backpack with a little more flair, consider another designer from our collection like Rebecca Minkoff, whose name and boundary-breaking styles have shown up on thousands of fashion blogs and in countless magazines. One popular favorite that comes to mind is the classic style-inspired Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack, a cute and versatile update to the common mini backpack that was every girl’s best friend in the nineties. But, if this style or color is not what you were looking for, we have a multitude of backpacks on sale that are ready to be chosen for your next style statement.

When you are picking out your new favorite accessory, ask yourself whether you want to take it to work, out on the weekends, or somewhere else. That will give you an idea of the size you need. Next, check in with your closet and see what colors might make the most sense. Are you a neutrals-lover? Or, does your wardrobe need a little bit of pop? Regardless of what you are hoping to find, we have something that will suit your needs when you jump on with this trend.


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