This List Will Make Summer 2019 Unforgettable

As Spring showers come to an end, the sounds and smells of Summer are rolling in. What better way to celebrate than treating yourself to some new products? We’ve gathered some must-haves for Summer 2019 so you can beat the heat in style.

1. Coolbox: The Entertainment Cooler

The only downside to a beach/camping trip is carrying a cooler, chargers and speakers separately. With the new Coolbox cooler, you only have to remember one thing. It has a Bluetooth speaker to conveniently play your favorite Summer jams and two USB ports to charge your phone or tablet.

2. Monster SuperStar Back Float Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Speakerphone

The perfect Summer involves beaches, pools, and music! This portable speaker can be placed directly into the water so you can have music with you while you cool off.

3. Imuto Digi-Power Cube M10 Professional Smart Portable Charger

Keep all of your technology lit with one portable charger that rules them all. With multiple adapters, you can charge your phone, laptop, or any device you need. It has enough power to charge an Iphone 32 times! This charger is perfect for camping or long getaway trips.

4. Foldup Stadium Blanket with Fleece Lining

With festival and concert season in full swing, a new picnic blanket seems appropriate. This blanket folds up and has a convenient carrying case so you can take a break from dancing and sit on this fleece-lined cloud.

5. Zuru Water Gun Bunch O’ Balloons Filler and Soaker

There’s nothing quite as fun as a water balloon fight. The Zuru Water Gun does the work of filling up balloons, all you have to do is add water. It also doubles as a regular water gun so you can keep the fun going when the balloons are gone!

6. 8 Oak Lane Confetti Martini Glass

Cocktails by the beach? Yes, please! Liven up your drink with this poppin’ confetti martini glass. It comes as a set of two so you can share a drink with a friend and have some nights you won’t forget!

7. Corkcicle Canteen – 16Oz Rose Metallic Water Bottle

Speaking of drinks, you’ll need a new water bottle to keep you cool and hydrated. The Corkcicle water bottle has triple layer insulation so your drinks stay cold for 25 hours. This sleek 16 oz rose canteen will be stylish and ready to go with you on your Summer adventures.

8. EdenPURE 360 Degree 12-Speed Air Fan With Adjustable Timer and Remote 

Beat the heat with this compact and stylish fan. It has the ability to adjust the speed, timer, and oscillation on the fan or from the remote.  It is energy efficient so you can chill out without breaking the bank.

Head over to the AreaTrend website to grab them before September comes!

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