10 (Free!) Things to do With Your Friends this Summer

The real test of friendship is can you literally do nothing with the other person? Can you enjoy those moments of life that are utterly simple? 

– Eugene Kennedy

International Day of Friendship is today, July 30, and it is the perfect time to connect with your friends IRL, outside of the twitter verse. Not sure what to do? Low on cash? Here’s a list of mostly free, fun stuff you can do together! Because your friendship is worth so much more than an Instagram like here and there.

  1. Go to the Park

The US has 58 national parks, where you can find hiking trails and natural beauty. Grab your friend, a water bottle, some Keen hiking boots, and some snacks. Going to the park can offer some relaxing time together in nature, which has proven to decrease stress and anxiety. Try going to another city and exploring for new parks!

  1. Board Games

Never underestimate a good game night. Go with a nostalgic classic like Clue or Pictionary, or try something trendy and new like What Do You Meme? But stay away from Monopoly if you’re planning on keeping your friends (commence table flipping).

  1. Check Out the Library

Reading at the library may or may not be your thing, but most libraries have potential far beyond books. Many have free events such as open mic nights, movie viewings, photo contests, paint nights, and knitting. Grab your friend and get to your local library!

  1. Go Shopping for Free Samples…

…Which isn’t exactly shopping, is it? Lots of businesses love giveaways. Make a list of things you want to find. Get a face of makeup at Sephora, grab something to eat at the grocery store, get that coffee sample at the World Market…FOR FREE.

  1. Do a Photo Scavenger Hunt

This one is simple and might surprise you. Do a quick search for “photo scavenger hunt” online. There are tons of themes, from flowers to Walmart. Grab your camera and get going!

  1. Volunteer!

In the spirit of connecting with other people, you and your friend can volunteer at a food pantry or soup kitchen to help those in need. You’ll feel good and more importantly you’ll get to do some good too.

  1. Go to Garage Sales

Garage sales. ALL SUMMER. Window shopping is fun enough, or make it more challenging. Grab $5, split up for an hour, and see who comes back with the best finds…

  1. Find Free Event Days in Your City

Every city has something to offer. Whether it’s the zoo, an art museum, a science center, there are free events around you, sometimes you just have to dig a bit!

  1. Karaoke

Plenty of bars have a free karaoke night, and it’s the perfect time to belt out that song that’s been stuck in your head all day. Embarrass yourselves together and go wild.

  1. Go to Trivia

Get your competitive side out at a local bar, club, coffee-house, etc. and try trivia! See how much you and your friends know and maybe even win a prize!

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