Shoe’s for Men’s Fall Fashion


  The styles for men’s shoes are following the normal trends we see for this time of the year. The brown leather shoes are going to be popular again this year. One of the more abnormal style for shoes is a change to a rather plain look for a sneaker. This may be the time to look into getting a plain pair of white shoes. One of the brands that is best known for a look like that is Toms the majority of their shoes are one solid plain color with little design put into them.

Calvin Klein Men’s Miguel Nappa Calf Leather Ankle-High Loafers & Slip-On

Calvin Klein Men's Miguel Nappa Calf Leather Ankle-High Loafers & Slip-On

With the convenience of easy on and off these slip on shoes which are good for any formal or casual dressing up look. Going to a business meeting? these have enough class to be paired with a dressy look. Going on a date? This is casual enough that it would work for just a night out also. The brown leather looks great with all looks this fall.

Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Burnished Leather Ankle-High Oxford

Calvin Klein Men's Brodie Burnished Leather Ankle-High Oxford

With a more formal look from Calvin Klein these might not fit as well in a casual outfit. However, for a business meeting or an event that is more formal these will do the trick. The brown leather fits with the trend but the laces and design give it more of a formal look. These shoes could seal the deal at the next business meeting.

Aldo Men’s Chelisa Ankle-High Leather Oxford Shoe

Aldo Men's Chelisa Ankle-High Leather Oxford Shoe

These shoes from Aldo, much like the previous from Calvin Klein, have more of a formal look. The lighter brown give them a look that looks great with a pair of khaki pants. along with looking good these durable shoes will hold up against the toughest scuffs. The comfortable feel will keep your feet pain free all day.

Dockers Men’s Montclair Ankle-High Leather Loafer

Dockers Men's Montclair Ankle-High Leather Loafer

Much like the Calvin Klein shoes at the beginning these slip on shoes will be easy to put on and take off while keeping you comfortable all day.  These slip on’s also keep it formal while also giving off a casual vibe to whoever you might be meeting with. casual or formal these shoes can cover the whole spectrum making sure you are ready fro any event.

Eastland Men’s Sierra Ankle-High Oxford Flat

Eastland Men's Sierra Ankle-High Oxford Flat

These Eastland shoes also combine comfort with style to give you the best experience on your night out.  The nutmeg color helps these shoes match with many more options then just khaki pants. With these shoes you can enjoy your night without worrying about how much time you’re spending on your feet.

Florsheim Men’s Uptown Captoe Ankle-High Leather Oxford

Florsheim Men's Uptown Captoe Ankle-High Leather Oxford

These shoes from Florsheim are a classy look that will make many outfits look formal. The fading dark brown to light gives these shoes a different style that is rarely seen in formal shoes. These shoes will turn heads when pairing them with any formal look between the faded color, the design, and the shine how could you go wrong with these.

Lacoste Men’s Henri Ankle-High Leather Oxford

Lacoste Men's Henri Ankle-High Leather Oxford

These Lacoste dress shoes like their other shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes to wear. The dark color makes them a great choice to pair with many different looks. The color makes it hard to find something they do not match with.

Original Penguin Men’s Mel Mid-Top Leather Fashion Sneaker

Original Penguin Men's Mel Mid-Top Leather Fashion Sneaker

These Original Penguin brown leather shoes are more casual for a night out rather than a formal meeting. These brown shoes with the tan pair well with many different outfit choices. The leather and rubber are also durable and will stand up to your toughest everyday wear.

Steve Madden Men’s Pasage Leather Ankle-High Oxford Shoe

Steve Madden Men's Pasage Leather Ankle-High Oxford Shoe

These Steve Madden shoes have a classic look with the dark leather that can go with a variety of different colors. The classic look is best paired with Khakis and dress shirt.  These durable and comfortable shoes will be perfect for your next event.

Toms Men’s Preston Corduroy Ankle-High Fabric Oxford Shoe

Toms Men's Preston Corduroy Ankle-High Fabric Oxford Shoe


These Toms get a away form the classic look and into a style that is often not seen. The normal leather look for dress shoes was thrown out the window when creating these. The use of Corduroy gives these shoes a casual look that would be great for a night out.

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