How to Wear Your Birkenstock Sandals

Depending on which “generation” you fall in, you either consider Birkenstocks to be a hot new trend in the fashion world or a welcome return to the way footwear used to be. The good news is that both are true! Birkenstocks are everywhere, enjoying their most recent rise in popularity as the world’s most perfect unisex shoe design. Whether you’re new to these kicks or consider them to be old friends, these super-wearable shoes are about to be your new favorite.

Birkenstocks are at their highest level of popularity since being the go-to footwear of the ‘90s grunge scene. But even the fans who faithfully wore them to every summer festival or Phish concert may be surprised to know just how long this company has been around. The originator of the Birkenstock name – Johann Adam Birkenstock – actually registered himself as a shoemaker in the 1770s! The shoe business was in the Birkenstock blood, as generation after generation dedicated themselves to this craft. The classic Birkenstock design made its way onto the fashion scene in 1964 with the sandal prototype, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Birkenstocks are made in Germany and are known for their contoured rubber-and-cork footbeds. The design molds itself to the wearer’s foot, giving you a one-of-a-kind shoe that perfectly fits. Unlike other shoes which require you to adjust to them once you’ve chosen a size, Birkenstock sandals become more and more comfortable as you wear them, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that feel like nothing else.

In addition to the rubber and cork footbeds, Birkenstock sandals feature supple leather uppers with signature metal buckles. The classic Birkenstocks feature two wide straps across the top of the foot, with or without a strap across the back of the heel. If the design sounds simple, that’s because it is – and change the winning team? Unlike other designers who strive for the newest, hottest trends, the designers at Birkenstock know better than to mess with perfection. By adjusting the buckles and allowing the shoe to contour to your foot – as opposed to the other way around – their shoes look and feel great on everyone.

One great option that this company has followed in recent years, however, is the feminization of some of their designs. They have found a way to incorporate their signature style into pieces with feminine flair. The Madrid Birko Flor Patent Ankle-High Sandal, for example, features a single wide strap across the top of the foot in a lovely white leather and a single black buckle. Another great option for women is the Birkenstock Gizeh Oiled Leather Ankle-High Leather Sandal which features an ergonomic design which is flattering on both men and women. It goes between your toes like a pair of flip-flops but has a secure strap across your foot right where it meets your ankle. This style is popular with women due to its flattering shape.

Birkenstocks’ greatest strengths are their comfort and versatility. Birkenstocks look great paired with everything from jean shorts to flirty dresses. They flatter your feet and let you upgrade your style without sacrificing comfort. These incredible shoes break in to feel like nothing you’ve ever felt, giving you the comfort of an athletic shoe without the bulk. Typical summer sandals may look attractive, but they rarely offer sufficient support and can wear down easily, making them unreliable. But a pair of Birkenstocks can last you for years – which is great news since you’ll never want to part with them.

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What To Pair With Birkenstock’s

For many people, Birkenstock’s are a summer shoe staple. Even though they can be paired with basically anything, here is a quick guide to help you throw together the perfect look with your beloved pair.

For demonstration purposes, I am going to use the Birkenstock Arizona Leather Sandal for outfit visualization. Anytime you see an outfit suggestion, imagine this shoe paired with the ensemble.

For the first look, I am offering up a gorgeous, light-weight and flirty dress.


The fun, carefree feel of this dress will pair flawlessly with your leather sandals. I would call this look, “adventure with a side of glam.”


For the days that are a little cooler (and you feel a bit edgier), throw on a pair of destroyed denim jeans and a simple tee.


By adding your Arizona Leather Birk’s, the classic style of this outfit will be complete. This look is ideal for a day where you are running errands or even going out for a night on the town.


If you prefer a more put-together look, a good pair of cotton shorts will do just the trick.


Any pair of Birkenstock’s, no matter the style, will compliment a casual look such as this. Everyone knows Birkenstock’s have long-lasting comfort, so spend all day basking in the retro-vibes and enjoying the outdoors.

If you have a busy day ahead of you, simply slip on your favorite pair of leggings, slide into your sandals and get out the door!


Leggings and a tank top paired with a flannel or sweater tied around your waist gives you the “I’m on a mission” vibes. You’ll be comfortable all day and won’t have to worry about any annoying outfit details. This look is basically fuss-free!

At the end of the day, whatever look makes you feel relaxed and gets you through your day, is the one to go with. Birkenstock Sandals literally go with essentially, everything. With so many styles to choose from, hopefully my list makes your decision much easier. I’ve linked a few of my favorite Birkenstock styles, shown below. Browse through and leave a comment at the bottom of this post with your favorite pair/style!

Birkenstock Gizeh Leather Sandal

Birkenstock Arizona Suede Sandal

Birkenstock Milano Leather Sandal

Birkenstock Arizona Sandal 

I hope you all have an fun, adventurous summer!

With love,


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Must Have Shoes To Live In This Summer

Do you ever find yourself constantly repeating the same outfit, handbag or favorite blouse? I definitely do. One item I always find myself repeating the most in the summer is shoes. With the intense heat of summer time around the corner, open-toed shoes will come out from the depths of our closets and practically live on our feet. No one wants to let those freshly pedicured toes go unseen when it’s hot and humid outside, am I right?

To help amp up your summer shoe playlist, I have put together a small list of shoes that will keep your feet happy and stylish throughout this summer season.

First on the list, Nine West Byron Denim Ankle-High Sandal. This open-toed heel will look flawless paired with any outfit. The denim material is a must-have trend for this season and will add pep to your step everywhere you go.

Next up, were keeping it a little more casual. Aerosoles has been a brand name known in almost every household for years on end. With guaranteed all-day comfort and a neutral style, this Chlairvoyant Fabric Sandal will be your go-to shoe for errands and beach time.

For those days where you’re feeling extra sophisticated, take a pair of Tommy Hilfiger Lunia Sandals out for a spin. The gorgeous leather detailing will perfectly compliment a light sundress for all of those outdoor events this summer.

Having a girls night out? Strap on this pair of Jessica Simpson Bevin Nubuck Leather Wedges. The platform style will keep your feet happy and pain-free for the whole night. So go ahead and dance the night away, you deserve it!

What good would this article be without a classic, comfortable shoe for everyday use? Not a very good one. So, my solution is this amazing Birkenstock Arizona Leather / Cork U Sandal. The simple yet durable design will add a sense of ruggedness to your everyday look. It is the ideal shoe for outdoor summer concerts and can withstand any weather condition.

Whatever your favorite summer shoe may be, any of these options will without a doubt highlight your unique summer style. With Area Trend’s amazingly low prices, there is no reason to not try a new pair! To purchase any of these pieces, just click the name for a direct link. Happy shopping!

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