6 Watches to Wear for Fall 2016

The Holidays will be here before we know it, which means family gatherings – which also means you’re meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend’s parents AND family for the first time (DUN…DUN…DUN….).  Not to worry though, because we have a few suggestions on classy timepieces that will make you nail that sweet and innocent look for their parents.  Nine times out of ten, his mom is looking for a woman that’s exactly like her for her son.  So ladies, if his mom is extremely conservative, you’re not going to impress her by wearing a mini skirt with 6 inch heels. Keep it simple and more importantly, KEEP IT COVERED. I think you know what I am getting at…  And guys, her dad wants a man to take care of his daughter, not a boy so let’s leave the comic tees at home, just this once…please. No, don’t even wear it under a sweater.

Nothing says class like a wristwatch.  Ladies, it shows that you’re sophisticated and organized. Parents want a woman that’s going to keep their son in line, because someone has to and it’s no longer their job. Fellas, I’m sure her mother already loves you and if she doesn’t yet, buy her mother flowers and tell her how young she looks aaaaand now her mother loves you. You’re welcome.  It’s her dad that’s going to take some time to win over and if her dad is anything like my dad, then it may take many months, even years….but hang in there, you have mom on your side. So guys, her dad wants to know that you can be a man, a real tough and rugged man’s man.  This is his baby girl we’re talking about. He’s been her protector all her life and he needs to know that you can continue to protect her. A nice classic watch can help with that.  It’s all about first impressions people and every single little detail counts.  Parents notice these things, I promise!

Okay, now for the watches…. Ladies, you’re up!

  Anne Klein:

Anne Klein Black Ceramic Women's Watch
Anne Klein Black Ceramic Women’s Watch

I chose this watch for the women who are going for a more serious “I-mean-business” look.  This watch would be perfect for the parents who, indeed, are in the business industry and the dad who constantly talks about the economy and stock market and is still bitter about the 2008 recession.  My advice on him, just nod and agree…good luck.

The next watch:

Anne Klein Women's Rose Gold Stainless-Steel Watch
Anne Klein Women’s Rose Gold Stainless-Steel Watch


Now, this watch is the watch you want to purchase if he has one of those moms who’s really girly and bedazzles EVERYTHING.  You know exactly what I am talking about, the mom who loves bling.  She has rhinestones on her shirt, pants, shoes, bags…just everywhere.  This watch is just the perfect amount of bling.  It’s got enough bling to catch his mother’s eye, yet it’s not over the top to the point where you cannot even move your arm without blinding everyone else at the dinner table.  Trust me, she’s going to love this watch and so are you!

Okay, Fellas, your turn…..


 Skagen Men's Gunmetal Stainless-Steel Quartz Watch
Skagen Men’s Gunmetal Stainless-Steel Quartz Watch

The first watch I chose for the guys is this sleek Skagen watch.  This watch is for the guys who are are going for the bold, tough look.  For Pete’s sake it has Gunmetal in its name, I don’t think you can get more manly than that!  Guys, if your girlfriend’s dad is pretty manly himself and has a big, burly beard, I would suggest growing a nice beard as well. For some reason there’s much respect between men and their beards, but be sure to manscape your beard so you don’t look like a homeless man trying to take his daughter away and move her into your cardboard box.

The next watch….

 Skagen Men's Holst Stainless-Steel Watch
Skagen Men’s Holst Stainless-Steel Watch

This is the type of watch you should purchase if her dad is a golfer, ya know, the slacks, collared shirt, and boat shoes on the regular.  He’s a classic, clean-shaved, likes to barbecue (but wears an apron), and watches football on Sundays. He’s looking for you to be the son he never had and that’s not a bad thing!


Ted Baker

The next two watches are from Ted Baker and perfect for the couple that everyone hates because they’re so jealous that two people can really be that in love.

Yeah….these are for you…

Let me start off by saying

Ted Baker Men's Brown Leather
Ted Baker Men’s Brown Leather
 Ted Baker Women's Pink Leather Watch
Ted Baker Women’s Pink Leather Watch

not everyone hates you…that much.  Like I said, it’s only because we’re really, really jealous. Especially, myself, being the hopeless romantic that I am, we long for that person that we can do cutesy things with, like buying Ted Baker watches that are our own styles but compliment each others.  Feel flattered because you guys are the definition of relationship goals and everyone wants to be you!  Expressing your passion for each other in a way as simple as this, will show their parents how much love there is between you two and they ought to approve of you. In the end, that is really all parents want for their children when it comes to relationships; to love and be loved.


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