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Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Stone Ice
Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise – Stone Ice

         The end of Summer is approaching wicked quick and that means it’s time to start picking out the perfect bag for Fall! Let’s be honest, Fall is everyone’s favorite time of year, from the pumpkin spice lattes to chilly football games, but obviously the real reason we love Fall is for the fashion trends!! Shopping for new booties, jeans, and flannels gets everyone excited for Fall and what better way to accessorize your cute Fall outfits than with this Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Top-Handle Satchel?  It’s the perfect place to hold your hats, gloves and the most important Fall essential….chap stick!  We’re really enjoying this color for Fall 2016 because the neutral Stone Ice color matches just about every outfit! We know we have some bold readers out there so we found just the color for you! Check out this Satchel in the very bold Cherryliquor! 

Kate Spade - Cherryliquor
Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise –  Cherryliquor


Still not the color for you??….I guess it’s a good thing this bag is offered in 24 different colors! 


          While living in Florence, Italy, I quickly noticed that the Florentine people LOVE leather and after living there for five months, I too, have fallen completely in love with leather goods.  From the smooth texture to the long lasting quality, leather bags are a substantial investment and ladies, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you treat yourself to a nice, top quality, leather bag (i’ll put my contact info at the bottom and you can thank me later). We have a couple of suggestions on a few authentic leather bags for you guys to check out! The Marc by Marc Women’s Mini New Q Natasha Cross-Body in the color Bright Rosa is the perfect accessory to polish off your outfit for those days you want to be lazy but no one has to know you put zero effort into your look that day OR it can be the perfect bag for a girl’s night out! What makes this a great going out bag is that the top flap, that covers the main compartment of the bag, is also a zippered pocket, which makes for a brilliant place to put all of your important belongings (credit card, I.D., phone) in case someone in the club has a few sticky fingers!

Marc by Marc Mini Q Natasha - Bright Rosa
Marc by Marc Mini Q Natasha – Bright Rosa
Marc by Marc Mini Q Natasha - Faded Aluminum
Marc by Marc Mini Q Natasha – Faded Aluminum

Yeah….that pink is pretty…pink and yes, I totally understand, pink isn’t really your thing.  Well, we think that this bag in the color Faded Aluminum is the perfect subdued shade and tell me that doesn’t just scream Fall?!?!

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 Okay, so you have SO much stuff to carry that a little cross body just isn’t going to cut it for you?


Check out this tote, that we just adore!  This Michael Kors Leather Carryall Shoulder Tote is large enough to hold all of your necessities like your whole bag of make-up (for obvious reasons),  your oversized wallet (because yes, why would you not have a rewards card at every store possible), and your 6 pairs of socks you always have on you (because you never know).  This bag even comes with a wristlet for the days you’re feeling daring enough to leave the house without everything you own (scary thought, I know!) and as if this bag couldn’t get any better…..IT DOES.  This do-it-all bag is also reversible….yes, reversible meaning you can rock this bag with edgy black leather or flip it inside out, revealing its shimmery gold leather.  Either way you sport this bag, it’s sure to do its job by toting your life around and making you look trendy while doing it!


Michael Kors Leather Carryall Tote
Michael Kors Leather Carryall Tote
Michael Kors Leather Carryall Tote
Michael Kors Leather Carryall Tote











Leave a comment below and tell us what handbag you would choose for your Fall accessory!

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