Men’s Summer 2018 Style Guide

Summer is only 17 days away! Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered with the up and coming fashion trends to prepare you for this summer. Seasons come and go, but people fail to realize their clothes need to come and go too. It’s time to stock up on the hottest summer essentials and throw your jeans and cardigans to the back of your closet. We know it’s tough to let go of your favorite fall outfits, but someone needed to tell you!


Adidas Superstar Vulv in White, AreaTrend

You can’t go into this summer without a pair of reliable shoes for every outfit. These Adidas are a casual white shoe that elevates every casual outfit! Pair these with a plain tee and some shorts, and you’re ready to meet your buddies out for brews and burgers.


Loose Cotton T-shirt, H&M

Remember that plain tee I was talking about? Well here it is! We’re not talking about any plain white t-shirt from Walmart. Loose fitting tees are in this summer, maybe to hide the summer body you forgot to prepare for? But no matter, stock up on multiple colors of loose fitting cotton shirts to interchange with your outfits!


Straight Fit Denim Shorts, H&M

That’s right, jorts. Jorts might seem like a far stretch, but be the person that people are admiring for making them work this summer. This pair from H&M has the perfect amount of distress to look trendy, and not trashy. Throw out the over sized cargo’s, and get yourself a pair (or two) of jean shorts to rock this summer!


Skagen’s Jorn Silver Leather Watch, AreaTrend

Everyone should have a watch that they refer to as ‘ole reliable. Grab a styled watch like this you can throw on with any outfit! You’re never fully dressed without a.. smile? No, watch. And a watch like this is sure to go with almost every outfit and add a sense of style.


Persol Polarized Brown Round Sunglasses, AreaTrend

Summer is coming, whether you believe it or not. Nobody wants to be stuck outside in the bright sunlight without a pair of sunglasses! These are the kind of sunglasses you can keep in your car for any occasion. They look good and get the job done, and will go well paired with some of your new threads.



Kenneth Cole Leather Loafer in Sand, AreaTrend

A pair of loafers that aren’t too constricting are perfect for this summer! These shoes can dress up any outfit while still feeling comfortable and casual. These versatile shoes can be used when dressing up, and when you want to add a little flair to your casual outfit.


Skinny Silver Gray Chinos, Banana Republic

Sure chinos are always in style, but we suggest pairing them with this summer’s fashion trends to complete the perfect look. Chinos are casual, but not as casual as jeans. Throw a pair of these on to look and feel good while heading out to meet some friends for drinks!


One-colored Short Sleeve Button-ups, Urban Outfitters

We’re into the neutrals this summer, but you can’t let your outfits get too boring! Plain colored shirts are perfect for this upcoming season, and last season. Spice it up with a little flair to your button-ups like this shirt from Urban Outfitters! The colored buttons add a trendy look to an otherwise basic shirt.


Fossil Stainless-Steel Quartz Fashion Watch, AreaTrend

While we all need an ‘ole reliable watch, we also need to show off sometimes. We believe strongly everyone needs to add a sense of “boujee” to their outfit once in a while. This Fossil watch works perfectly as the flashy and classy asset to “boujee” up your summer styles.


Ray Bans Gradient Black Aviator Sunglasses, AreaTrend

These Ray Bans are perfect for an evening out, giving you a more dark and mysterious look. These will give you the pseudo “tall, dark, and mysterious” persona, at least while you’re wearing them.



Birkenstock Arizona Oiled Leather Sandal, AreaTrend

Birkenstocks are a hit or miss. Not everyone can wear them the right way, but we encourage you all to try. Throw out your destroyed Nike slides and buy a pair of Birkenstocks whether they’re for trips to the beach, or to let your feet breathe with your casual outfits!


Ray-Ban Gatsby Tortoiseshell Round Sunglasses, AreaTrend

These here aren’t your everyday kind of sunglasses. We think everyone should have a pair of quirky sunglasses for when they’re feeling more fun than usual. You’ll definitely have people noticing you in these!


Herschel Little America Backpack, AreaTrend

Summer means traveling. Lots and lots of traveling if you’re lucky! Herschel supplies the perfect travel bags for a getaway weekend, and they do it with incredible style.

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The Bags You Need This Summer

With the first official day of summer less than a month away, the time you have to prep your wardrobe is rapidly dwindling. Thankfully, the best bags that you absolutely need this summer have been compiled together into a quick and painless list. All that is left for you to do is to click and pick out your favorites.

A bag to fit your every day, summer festive look is this Michael Kors Selma handbag. It’s colorful, fun and the perfect size to fit all of your summer essentials such as sunscreen, a snack and your favorite wallet or cosmetic case.

Michael Kors
Michael Kors Selma

For the hot days at the pool, try this practical, Tory Burch Ella handbag. It is made out of nylon so it’s the perfect purse to have close by that can survive a little splashing! Plus, it comes in the perfect size to stuff with your favorite bikini, sunglasses, and hat.

Tory Burch
Tory Burch Ella

After your day spent at the pool, who doesn’t love a little shopping trip? Take out this Fossil Piper Toaster cross body bag for a spin. It will effortlessly hold your wallet and perfect summer shade of lip gloss with no extra frills to get in the way. It will match any and all of your summer outfits too with its fun and colorful style.

Fossil Piper
Fossil Piper

Summer means lunch dates and taking strolling around town. For these types of days, break out this adorable Kate Spade Cameron Street Mini Candace satchel. Its bright color-blocking will give you some serious “vacation vibes” without actually having to leave town. What can be better than that, honestly? The answer is nothing. Except for maybe a little Champagne.

Kate Spade Cameron
Kate Spade Cameron

When you actually do take that summer vacation, whether it’s a road trip or a long flight, this Nine West Seasonal Top Handle bag will be perfect for your days of travel. It’s convenient tote size and style will hold not only your favorite book but even an overnight outfit and all of your makeup essentials. Bonus, it comes in a super fun and colorful print that will amp up any travel look you have on!

Nine West Seasonal
Nine West Seasonal

No matter what your plans are this summer, remember to take some time, relax and spoil yourself a little. You deserve it! Any one of these gorgeous handbags will suit your summer wants and needs, without breaking the bank. So you can spend a little extra on that summer vacation you’ve been eager to take. All of these wonderful designer pieces can be found at AreaTrend for low prices almost as amazing as the summer you’ll have with them!

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