Blowfish Girl's Balla-K Canvas Ankle-High Fabric Sandal
Blowfish Girl's Balla-K Canvas Ankle-High Fabric Sandal - Main Image Swatch
Blowfish Girl's Balla-K Canvas Ankle-High Fabric Sandal - Side Image Swatch
Blowfish Girl's Balla-K Canvas Ankle-High Fabric Sandal - Back Image Swatch
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Blowfish Girl's Balla-K Canvas Sandals - 3M

  • Catalog #: 1681962808
  • Fashion Trend: Ankle-High Fabric Sandal
  • Golden Safari Leopard/Whiskey (Multicoloured)
  • Size: 3 M Girl's Little Kid


You always want the very best for your children. From the time they were born right up until the time they start making decisions on their own and beyond, you know that you want to offer them the finest that there is and to always be there for them. To give them the very best in order for them to achieve whatever goals they have in life you can start in their early years by making the very best of the simple choices for them. Strange as it might seem, the best shoes for their developing and growing feet will give them the best head-start in this world that they deserve in order to successfully thrive. And that's where Blowfish shoes come into play. A Blowfish pair of shoes not only give their little feet the start that they deserve, but will continue to play an important role with them as they grow. The specially designed manmade sole in combination with Blowfish's exclusive low heels heels add a degree of comfort and support that's unmatched with other brand names. Throw in the Blowfish's recognition in the industry for quality, style, and popularity, and you come away with a pair of shoes for your child that will continue to gently ease them into their next stage in life. So don't just purchase any old brand of shoe off the local shelf and expect it to perform like a premier name-brand shoe like this. Instead treat your children to the one name that has shown time and time again that they actually care about your life choices for your children. The name brand shoe that actually has a rich and lively history of doing things right. Blowfish name shoes. The name you can trust.

Materials / Fabric
Manmade sole
Animal Print pattern
.75" Heal
6" Opening Circumference
3" Shaft
.02" Platform
Fashion Ankle-High Fabric Sandal
Low Heels
Neutral Arch
Zipper Closure
Guaranteed Authentic Each Blowfish Girl's Balla-K Canvas Sandals - 3M #BLOG-BALLA-KCANVAS-GOLDENSA338.3M is brand new, and shipped with the original manufacturer packaging and manuals.

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Blowfish Brand
Balla-K Canvas Collection
UPC: 887837964060
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Product Identifier
Unique Product Number: 1681962808
Blowfish Girl's Balla-K Canvas Ankle-High Fabric Sandal