Arnette Men's Cut Back AN4230-01/87-53 Black Oval Sunglasses


Short Descriptions

  • Black / Black Color
  • Oval Style
  • UVA/UVB Protection
  • 53mm / 21mm / 141mm

More Information

Gender Men's
Series Cut Back
Brand Arnette
SKU 1682021723
Color Black


Planning on spending some time in the sun? You'll look great with these Arnette men's sunglasses. These awesome shades come with black colored lenses. They are equipped with uva/uvb to protect your eyes against sun damage while giving you a cool style that will help you stand out in any setting. The black frames go great with the lenses. They should fit securely and comfortably so you'll be ready to get stuff done without the distraction of irritatingly bright sunlight. The look is practical as well as stylish. Whether you're working or having fun, they will help you towards accomplishing anything you need to get done outside. The plastic frames should last for a good while, keeping your eyesight strong and clear in the bright sun.