Beard Comb Switch-Blade, Perfect for Travel, All Metal Grooming Accessory - Black


Short Descriptions

  • Great for travel and everyday use...keep that beard looking fresh!
  • Perfect gift for first-time beard growers.
  • Durable construction.
  • Dynamic metal bristles for a clean comb through every time.
  • A sleek, clean look.

More Information

Gender Men's
Series Switch Blade
Brand Ace & Archer
SKU 1682020840
Color Black


Don't you love it when simple tools give you incredibly advanced results. This Men's Switch Blade Beard Comb is your newest versatile beard grooming product, complete with a sharp modern design and dynamic bristles that move through beard hair and prevent snags. Function and sleek sophistication come together in a small package, complete with the vintage-styled Ace and Archer logo emblazoned on the exterior housing. This comb folds up for easy storage at home or on the go. Curved design with switchblade-style construction. Metal teeth untangle and soften beard