Bearpaw Women's Lola Leather Coral Suede Sandal - 7M


Short Descriptions

  • Fashion Trend: Below Ankle Suede Sandal

More Information

Gender Women's
Series Lola Leather
Brand Bearpaw
SKU 1681957157
Color Pink
Size 7 M Women's (37-38 Eu)


From fun summer beach parties to backyard barbeques with friends and family, these Bearpaw Lola Leather women's sandals make a splash and keep you comfortable anytime you want to incorporate lightweight, breezy footwear into your look. The rubber material provides just enough support to protect your feet while the comfy split-toe of the shoes lets the fresh air bathe your toes. While you're shopping this selection, make sure to keep an eye out for some of the great deals on offer. Whether it is off-season or the peak of summer, you can always find a great sale on women’s sandals. In addition to being convenient, thrifty and comfortable, these women's sandals are compatible with almost any type of outfit. Whether you are donning a t-shirt and shorts for a casual outing or getting dolled up in a frilly sundress, all it takes is a little imagination and accessorizing to tie it all together with Bearpaw sandals. When you start with quality materials and an eye for current trends, you never have far to go before you have a great outfit. Try a pair for yourself, and find out why these women's sandals have remained a summer staple for many years.