CamoFlex Large Oak Leaf 3 Piece Package, Blind Coverage, Fall Season, Easy to Use


Short Descriptions

  • VERSATILE: Connect to tree stands, ground blinds, or anything that needs hidden from your target.
  • ULTRA REALISTIC: Our synthetic material looks natural and lasts longer for continued use.
  • SMALL LEAVES: Fit into a backpack with ease for on the go use.
  • CONVENIENT: Eliminates inconvenient cover, letting you set up camp where you like.
  • RUBBER TIES: Easily connects to any surface for quick set up and tear down.

More Information

Gender Unisex
Series Fall Oak Leaf Large 3 Piece
Brand Camoflex
SKU 1682472129
Color Multicoloured


Camoflex is a synthetic concealment method to keep you hidden in the moment of truth. Reduce noise and save time with one quick and easy to use tool that attaches to any ground blind, tree stand or weapon. Small leaves fit into a backpack for easy carry. The ultra realistic look eliminates the need to tear down the woods around you. Also ultra realistic, our synthetic leaves last longer than natural cover allowing for prolonged trips without the worry of decaying leaves. The versatility allows you to set up camp wherever your target is without having to worry about sparse coverage, keeping you prepared for any moment. The perfect tool for all hunters, our fall themed oak leaves keep you concealed even as the leaves disappear for the perfect environment for seasonal hunting.