Crocs Men's Classic Ankle-High Rubber Sandal

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  • Fashion Trend: Ankle-High Rubber Sandal

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Gender Men's
Series Classic
Brand Crocs
SKU 1681908499


Crocs brand is the original. Crocs Classic Ankle-High Rubber Sandal CC6721405 Shoes are made of a foam resin and are ergonomically good for your feet. Our Crocs are the classic, original shoe that started in 2004 and became a best seller. Men and women alike love Crocs! Made of rubber, Crocs can be worn while gardening, playing volleyball on the beach, or on rainy summer nights. They are, of course, water resistant. These Crocs double as a slip on you can flip the back strap forward when you are in a hurry and need to go. Our Croc shoes come in a variety of colors, but all of them are the classic style.