Halco Trembler 70 Xs Lipless Vibrating Minnow Sports and Outdoor T70XSR48

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Short Descriptions

  • Trembler 70xs Gin Clear
  • Jigged, cast or troll with speed 1-6 Knots
  • Can remove hooks to custom make a lure for bigger fish
  • Buoyancy is rapid sinking
  • Weight 16 grams, 70mm/2.7 inches

More Information

Gender Unisex
Series Trembler 70 Xs Lipless Vibrating Minnow
Brand Halco
SKU 1682789234
Color Silver
Size 4 M Women's / 2 M Men's


The smallest lure of the Trembler range, the Trembler 70XS can be jigged cast or trolled. Troll the lure at 1 – 6 knots for small predatory species, The rattles make the lure noisy and the action is tight and quick. Jig it at varying depths, but usually near the bottom is best. A finer jigging action is more effective.