Janie And Jack Scalloped Sandal Ankle-High Suede

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    Gender Kid's Unisex
    Series Scalloped Sandal
    Brand Janie And Jack
    SKU 1682747102


    Whether they are up and running, just learning to walk, or still lying on a blanket cooing, your baby deserves a quality pair of shoes to protect those small, growing feet. Janie and Jack are committed to making long-lasting clothes and accessories for your little ones. These Scalloped Sandals are the perfect accessory when you want to dress up your child and show off your new bundle of joy to the world. Janie and Jack put care into every piece of clothing, creating clothes that last, even years after your child has grown out of them, so you will offer the best hand-me-downs in town. Help them look cute and have fun in these quality shoes by Janie and Jack.