Lone Wolf Alpha Hunt Ready Treestand System, Climbing Sticks, Quiver, Leveling Function, Mobile Hunting, Outdoor


Short Descriptions

  • 1 PC CAST ALUMINUM PLATFORM: 1 solid piece is sturdy and easy to carry, making it perfect for quick set up.
  • FALL ARREST SYSTEM: 6 point arrest system helps prevent injury in event of an accident.
  • CLIMBING STICKS: Locks onto the stand for a safe climbing environment.
  • ALPHATECH STICK QUIVER: Locks onto the stand after a hunt to carry the climbing sticks securely and quietly.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Includes all the pieces you need for a great hunt.

More Information

Gender Unisex
Series Hunt Ready System
Brand Lone Wolf Treestands
SKU 1682404938
Color Silver


Get everything you need for your hunt with the Alpha Hunt Ready Treestand System. Our stand comes with an easy to use treestand, a 4 pack of climbing sticks, and an Alphatech stick quiver so you can set up, hunt, and navigate the woods with ease. The cast aluminum platform is 30 inches by 19.5 inches so you have plenty of space to move as you need to. The climbing sticks help you climb to your desired height and then lock onto the stand to keep you securely in place while in the air. Our leveling system adjusts to keep you straight against the natural curve of the tree. When you move to a new position, or are done with your hunt, all pieces lock together quickly, easily, and quietly so you can move through the woods without making a sound.