Michael Kors Women's Jet Set Travel Continental Handbag Leather Wristlet

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  • Dimensions: 8.25"W x 4"H x 1.50"D
  • Zipper Closure

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Gender Women's
Series Jet Set Travel Continental Handbag
Brand Michael Kors
SKU 1681977079


Ah, the wristlet. The perfect purse/wallet combination just for the ladies. What's better than having the perfect mini to carry just the necessities? This Michael Kors wristlet is the hottest item of the season. Sometimes ladies don't want to carry around their huge totes, so why not simplify life with this rebellious little wristlet? Let this mini bag make a big statement among your friends and family. You'd better be ambitious with this little wristlet because it comes with 23 pockets. It's a purse and wallet for crying out loud! Made of an awesome leather material, it's super chic for any occasion. Where to keep your wristlet: It does not want to be hidden at the bottom of your bag, instead it can stand alone with the perfect outfit or even on casual days when you hit the gym. You can carry it normally or throw the strap around your wrist and let it sway, hence where the name wristlet came from! What to keep in your wristlet: Keep those very important credit cards, baby pictures, and all your rewards cards to your favorite stores. Also, keep that ruby red lipstick, chewing gum, and coin change handy in this statement wristlet. Please be sure not to over-stuff the wristlet as over-stuffing can damage the seams.