Monster SuperStar Back Float Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Speakerphone

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Short Descriptions

  • WATERPROOF: A waterproof silicone skin protects the speaker from water damage as it floats around your pool or tub.
  • ACOUSTIC CARRYING CASE: Lets you take this speaker everywhere and still listen to your music.
  • 7-HOUR BATTERY: Runs for 7 straight hours, letting you get the most out of your speaker.
  • BLUETOOTH: Connect, change songs, and talk on the phone all from a distance so you can keep relaxing.
  • LIGHTNING CHARGE CABLE: Charges quickly so you can get back to using your speaker the way you like.

More Information

Gender Unisex
Series Superstar Backfloat Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Brand Monster
SKU 1682157225


Enjoy your favorite music or take a call easily with the wireless BackFloat Speaker by Monster. Better than a standard Bluetooth speaker, this one follows you wherever you go whether its the pool, tub, or a fun road trip with your friends. Most speakers sit on a table or chair outside the tub or pool, making your music sound far away and jumbled. This floating speaker is waterproof so you can place it directly in the water. It floats on its back so the music travels up and out, creating crystal clear sound whether youre in an open space or enclosed room. The carrying case protects from dust and debris while on the go and is acoustically sound to get perfect sound on the go. Listen to music how and where you want without missing a beat.