New Balance Men's Mx519 Ankle-High Leather Cross Trainers

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  • Fashion Trend: Ankle-High Leather Cross Trainers

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Gender Men's
Series Mx519
Brand New Balance
SKU 1682785363


These stylish shoes by New Balance epitomize the word versatile. While they are technically cross trainers, these sneakers can be used as an all-in-one sports shoe as well as something you can wear at home, making them perfect for moments of leisure as well as rigorous workouts. The rubber sole and leather upper provide optimum protection and comfort in any terrain, whether strolling on the sidewalk, hiking a mountain trail, or hitting the court. Soar through high impact workouts and remain stabilized during low impact routines. Whether you are running a marathon or lounging in the backyard, you can rest assured these shoes support your feet through it all. Try a pair of New Balance Mx519 today, and feel the comfort everyone is talking about.