Prada Women's Gradient PR14SS-2AU4M1-49 Black Geometric Sunglasses


Short Descriptions

  • Black / Black Color
  • Geometric Style
  • Gradient Lens
  • UVA/UVB Protection
  • 49mm / 26mm / 140mm

More Information

Gender Women's
Series Ornate
Brand Prada
SKU 1682006684
Color Black


Reflect your style with the trendy sunglasses from Prada. They are your ideal pair of sunglasses for each and every day with their stylish design and top-notch quality. These unique sunglasses feature a sleek shape suitable for any face structure. The smooth black plastic lenses provide the ultimate UVA/UVB protection and eliminate any unwanted glare from harmful rays. Additionally, the black plastic frames are constructed with durable materials to ensure comfort and long-lasting use of the product. Do not forget to store your sunglasses by Prada in a protective case when you are not wearing them to keep them wearable for years to come.