Conquest Scents Hunters Mega Bundle Outdoor EverCalm Deer Herd Stick, VS-1 Estrus Stick, RuttingBuck Testosterone Stick
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  • EVERCALM DEER HERD STICK AND LIQUID: Deer bedding scents attract and relax deer so they won’t run.
  • VS-1 ESTRUS SCENT STICK: Doe urine and secretions attract dominant bucks to your hunting ground.
  • RUTTING BUCK TESTOSTERONE STICK: Dominant buck testosterone attracts your target into range.
  • SCRAPEMAKER 4 IN 1: Effectively draw in deer by mimicking their markings and movements with the 4 in 1 tool.
  • STINK STICK SCENT DISPENSER: Use with Stink Stick Wax Sticks to disperse scents and draw in deer to hunting zones.

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The Conquest Scents Hunters Mega Bundle has just what you need for a successful hunting trip.  All items in this bundle help distribute our EverCalm and Estrus scents. The Estrus Stick uses 100% urine and other secretions to mimic the smell of a doe to attract a buck to your hunting ground. EverCalm features deer bedding and scents to calm the deer, making them less likely to detect you. Cover the human scent and tracks on trees, blinds, clothes and other tools all while luring in your target for a successful hunt.

    Gender Unisex
    Series Hunters Monster Bundle
    Brand Conquest Scents
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