Realtree Timber Camo Selway Hunting Vest by Hyde Gear Thermal Fleece, High Neck, Outdoor - XXL - Timber Camo


Short Descriptions

  • REALTREE TIMBER: Our pattern blends dark cuts of color with bark detailing to conceal your form.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Moves with you to offer optimal air flow. Protects against stray branches and the elements.
  • EXTRA HIGH COLLAR: Covers more skin, concealing you from targets and protecting against the elements.
  • OFF THE SHOULDER SEAMS: Provides comfort while wearing backpacks and other equipment.
  • ZIPPERED CHEST POCKET: Places your most important tools up front for easy access.

More Information

Gender Men's
Series Osprey Vest
Brand Hyde Gear
SKU 1682159219
Color Brown
Size Xxl


The Selway vest keeps you warm without the added weight of a coat. The Timber pattern mimics the natural movements and tones of the deep woods to keep you hidden. A thermal lining traps heat to keep you warm during cold days. The exterior fabric pulls moisture away from your torso to keep you dry. An extra-high collar design reduces the risk of exposed skin, to keep you protected and concealed.