Travel Wallet STL Graphic Canvas and Genuine Leather--Passort, Boarding Pass, and ID Slot, Snap Closure - A+A


Short Descriptions

  • GRAPHIC CANVAS: Available in the Ace & Archer Logo, Buffalo, Chief, and Gypsy so you can pick your favorite.
  • MULTIPLE POCKETS: A pocket for all of you essentials so you always have everything you need.
  • STURDY LEATHER LINING: Durable so it won't fall apart and all of your things stay right where you want them.
  • DIMENSIONS: 5x0.5x9 to fit everuthing you need.
  • SNAP CLOSURE: A snap wraps from the back to the front so it stays secure.

More Information

Gender Unisex
Series Stl Travel Wallet
Brand Ace & Archer
SKU 1681986919
Color Multicoloured


Never deal with a boring, battered wallet again. This unique Ace and Archer unisex wallet offers all the space and style anyone could want when it comes to storing the basic necessities. Not only do the bold graphics draw the eye, but the parachute-grade stitching and 100% genuine American-made leather are used with durability in mind, so you can get the most out of this accessory day in and day out. Features a brass button snap closure for better security. Includes 15 pockets- 1 ID slot, 5 large pockets and 9 small pockets. Handcrafted leather product made with traditional leatherworking techniques.