Vans Classic Slip-On Tartan Pack Ankle-High Canvas Women'

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Gender Unisex
Series Classic Slip-On Tartan Pack
Brand Vans
SKU 1682785360


If skateboarding is your passion, you need to start with the perfect pair of skate shoes. Every skater has their own preferences for what they want in a skateboarding shoe, but Vans creates a shoe that has all of the essentials, while remaining stylish for everyday wear. The Classic Slip-On Tartan Pack by Vans are designed for optimal board feel and increased durability for continual contact with grip tape. Strong canvas uppers lessen wear and tear, while the enhanced grip of the rubber sole allows for enhanced traction. Whether you are excited to skate, or just looking for a stylish and dependable shoe, these Classic Slip-On Tartan Pack skateboarding shoes are durable, versatile, and just what you need to kick off every day.