VIP Veteran Innovative Products The HogLog Trophy Boar Feeder

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Short Descriptions

  • LARGE CAPACITY: Holds 40 lbs of corn to keep the boars busy for HOURS!
  • EXTRA LONG LOG: Our product length allows for multiple hogs to feed at once, so you can have your pick or get them all!
  • METAL TETHER FOR SUPPORT: HogLog comes with a metal tether that attaches to a tree or stump to keep product and animals in one place.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Our product comes with a pinned cap to keep food - and hogs - in place.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: Our lightweight, yet sturdy construction was designed for easy set up and transport.

More Information

Gender Unisex
Series The Hog Log
Brand Veteran Innovative Products
SKU 1682158646
Color White


Hunting boar has never been easier. The HogLog attracts and distracts pigs long enough for you to set up and take your perfect shot! Our product puts the biggest boars consistently within shooting range of the rifle, pistol, muzzleloader, bow, or crossbow by engaging the pigs natural tendencies to root and eat. Our distinctive design uses small holes tailored to keep hogs busy and distracted for hours, while the length of our product attracts multiple boars at once, lining them up so you can take them down quickly. The HogLog is the most cost effective, simple, and reliable animal specific feeder on the market!