Victoria's Secret Eau De Parfum Roller ball Perfume Perfume Very Sexy Scent with Vanilla Orchid, Sun-drenched Clementine, and Midnight Blackberry

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Short Descriptions

  • Roller ball application is perfect for quick touch-ups.
  • Envelope the senses in a mixture of scents everyone will love.
  • Eau De Parfum keeps you ready for all occasions.
  • Very Sexy creates a sensual experience for anyone who crosses your path.
  • .23 fl oz is the perfect size to fit into a purse.

More Information

Gender Women's
Series Very Sexy
Brand Victoria's Secret
SKU 1682137822


Victoria's secret knows exactly how to make you feel irresistible. With a perfect blend of vanilla orchid, sin-drenched clementine, and midnight blackberry, you'll feel just as sexy as the scent implies. Stick it in your purse or wallet for quick application while your out or leave it on your dresser forevery day use for confidence that lasts.