Ray-Ban Women's  RB3447JM-168/4E-50 Multicolor Round Sunglasses
Ray-Ban Women's  RB3447JM-168/4E-50 Multicolor Round Sunglasses - Main Image Swatch
Ray-Ban Women's  RB3447JM-168/4E-50 Multicolor Round Sunglasses - Side Image Swatch
Ray-Ban Women's  RB3447JM-168/4E-50 Multicolor Round Sunglasses - Back Image Swatch
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Ray-Ban Women's Sunglasses

  • Catalog #: 1681950032
  • Brown / Green Color
  • Round Style
  • UVA/UVB Protection
  • 50mm / 21mm / 135mm


A soft, warm, gentle breeze blows through your hair. The very essence of life seems to ebb and flow all around you in the fragrances that present themselves to you, both with the season, and with each breath. To say that you're relaxed at this juncture seems completely unnecessary. Finding this peaceful serenity that's only found a few times a year isn't always easy, which makes you appreciate it all that much more every time you're lucky enough to envelop yourself in it.Is there anything more enjoyable than your favorite season of the year Well there may be. And that's if you're smart enough to use your intelligence and enhance the experience even more with a fabulous pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses not only help capture the spirit of this perfectly serene day, but also the quality of life itself. The brown metal frame perfectly blends with the company's ideal in making the green plastic lenses soften the surrounding light thus creating an ideal setting for this moment. Add in the choice of the beautifully designed round frames that specifically quell any harsh environment in an instant, and you have the makings of your own personal nirvana.So take the time to create your own personal repose. We guarantee your special time and place will be much more easily acquired and accomplished, and you will find you experience them more often, if you simply take the time to slip on a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Bask in the warm glow of eternal serenity any time you desire, and do it effortlessly with your Ray-Ban sunglasses, while relaxing with the knowledge that you can simply allow time to gently slip away. Made in China.

Brown Color
Round Style/Shape
Metal Material
50mm Eye
21mm Bridge
135mm Temple
Green Color
Plastic Material
Guaranteed Authentic Each Ray-Ban Women's Sunglasses #RB3447JM-168/4E-50 is brand new, and shipped with the original manufacturer packaging and manuals.

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Ray-Ban Brand
Ray-Ban model RB3447JM-168/4E-50
GTIN 13 (UPC): 8053672358674
GTIN 14 (UPC): 08053672358674
Product Identifier
Unique Product Number: 1681950032
Ray-Ban Women's RB3447JM-168/4E-50 Multicolor Round Sunglasses