Fossil Men's FS5040 Brown Leather Quartz Watch - color Brown

Fossil Men's FS5040 Brown Leather Quartz Watch

Fossil Men's Leather Wallet

  • Dimensions: 4.50"W x 3.50"H x .50"D
  • Fashion Trend: Wallet Leather Baguette
  • No Closure
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A common wallet done uncommonly well, this Fossil wallet is one of a kind! Get lost in the little things with the confidence that you not going to have to worry about the look and durability of your wallet. With its high quality leather fabric mixed with a little class, this wallet is sure to impress even the snobbiest of in-laws. The wallet holds all major credit cards and $10 bills, and will keep you organized with its 9 pockets. This wallet is engineered for the man who is always active, going to the gym, to work, to school, and enduring the activities of everyday life. A handyman is not complete without his toolbox and this wallet is the ultimate toolbox for life. Where to keep your wallet: The average man keeps his wallet in his trousers back pockets while some keep their wallet in their front pocket. Wallets that are kept in the front pocket tend to last longer than those kept in the back pocket. What to keep in your wallet: Keep all important credit cards, IDs, juice bar rewards cards, and old receipts. Please be sure not to over-stuff the wallet as over-stuffing can damage the seams. If the seams are damaged, then your whole wallet may fall apart, meaning you could lose all those important cards and bad family pictures. IF LOST: Make sure that you check your drawers, your pant pockets, at the bar, that taxi you took home from the bar, the kitchen counter, and the area of your car that's between the seat and the console. If you are unable to find it there, please be sure that you cancel all credit cards and contact your bank. Also, make sure to contact the proper authorities.
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