K-Swiss Men's Classic VN Men's Ankle-High Leather Fashion Sneaker

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Are you a gentleman who loves to trade your weekday work suit for casual yet sophisticated fashion on the weekends? Maybe you just need a statement making casual shoe that is both comfortable and easy on the eye? When choosing the perfect shoe for that coffee run, lunch date, or weekend trip you need a shoe that will project an image of laid back style and ease. This sneaker by K-Swiss will fit the bill. Certain shoes are made for certain activities. These are not your exercise sneaker or beach sandals. This sneaker by K-Swiss will fit the bill for that perfect casual shoe for your weekend activities. Comfort and style are uniquely combined in this fashion sneakers. With manmade soles and quality uppers combined with a low base your feet will thank you for the comfort and style all day long. K-Swiss is a brand that is known for classic sophisticated dress shoes. With this venture into sneakers they have taken that same sense of sophistication and translated it into a comfortable, contemporary, and trendy sneaker. With classic, yet fashion forward, details and top-of-the line materials combined with durability and comfort you will never want to take off your K-Swiss sneakers. The bold yet simple design combined with the basic color makes this a very versatile shoe for so many outfits and venues. Pair these shoes with your jeans or a classic pair of casual pants and you will be dressed to impress with a casual yet sleek style. The shoe you chose is the very foundation your entire outfit stands on. Do not negate all the careful planning on your wardrobe by paying too little attention to the shoes you chose. A classic casual K-Swiss fashion sneakers will provide a solid foundation for that casual weekend outfit.
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