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  • EDT Eau De Toilettes
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Montblanc is the perfect choice for those days when you want to feel free and unencumbered by the world, but at the same time project a classic image of a well put together man. Approachable and welcoming with its smooth yet deceptively simple scent, you will not go wrong choosing this classic manly scent by Montblanc. Choosing Legend with its easy going yet masculine scent combined with hints of sandalwood and tonka bean you will be sure to project a confidant image and make a statement with this classical masculine scent. Each scent is made up of a combination of notes. Notes are categorized by how long their scent lasts. The first scent you will smell is the top note which will provide you with that first burst of fragrance. This scent will evaporate first, the middle notes or heartnotes which you will experience next will last longer. The longest lasting part of your cologne will be in the base notes which are designed to last for hours. Finding your perfect signature scent will help you to create that long lasting impression that will help you project the right image. Legend is a simple, masculine scent that gets its classic scent from pineapple, lavender, red apple, dried fruits, tonka bean, and sandalwood that will create that classic signature scent you are looking for. Proper storage is vital to protecting your investment and ensuring the longest lasting life and use of your fragrance. Heat and exposure to air and light will shorten the length of your fragrance. Keep your cologne or eau de toilette in a cool, dry place. Scents have the power to conjure up memories. You want to make sure you are leaving those around you with a pleasant memory of your interaction with them. Always remember, less is more. You want to leave them wanting more, not wishing for less.
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