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Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have been around since 1952 and instantly started off with a bang! Ray-Ban decided that they wanted to take a non-traditional approach to sunglass making and trailed away from metal frames to hard plastic frames. The making of these sunglasses is considered to be a revolutionary moment in eyewear design.

The original Wayfarers were made for men, but women took to them more. Women saw them and instantly fell in love. They loved the sleek, shiny design that was meant to flatter any face shape. Wayfarers started selling like crazy when they were worn by Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. After appearing in that movie, everyone who was anyone was wearing Wayfarers. Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, average American teenagers and many more people loved wearing Wayfarers.

Since appearing on Breakfast at Tiffany’s Wayfarers started appearing in multiple movies and TV shows. One movie that helped sales skyrocket, was Risky Business. Throughout Risky Business Tom Cruise sported the classic Wayfarer. Within a year of the Wayfarer appearing in Risky Business, Ray-Ban sold 360,000 pairs. Throughout the 80s, Ray-Ban sales reached 1.5 million. From then on, Wayfarer sunglasses have been a hit and are still being bought like crazy!

Types of Wayfarers

With times changing, Ray-Ban has been able to adapt to the needs and wants of consumers. Even though they are still making their classic Wayfarer, they have created many more designs.

• Wayfarer Matte Flash:

These sunglass lenses are made with a splash of color! While maintaining the hard plastic frames and comfortable fit, these sunglasses stand out with their exciting colors.

• New Wayfarer Classic:

Ray-Ban held true to the original reason as to why Wayfarers were loved in first place when making these sunglasses. They made these sunglasses with a smaller frame and slightly softer eye shape. The updated design of these sunglasses allow for an even easier fit.

• Wayfarer Light Ray:

Wayfarer Light Ray are sunglasses that take Ray-Ban sunglass making to the next level. These sunglasses still have the classic Wayfarer front, but their arms are different. Their arms include sleek titanium templates, making the arms thin and light. The sunglasses are made without screws or welding.

• Wayfarer Folding Classic:

Since Ray-Ban wants to make sure that they produce sunglasses that fits their consumers’ needs, they decided to create sunglasses that are portable. Wayfarer Folding Classic sunglasses maintain the classic design, with a twist, they are foldable! The folding style of the sunglasses allows the sunglasses to be easily folded and tucked away making them extremely portable.

• Original Wayfarer Cosmo:

Cosmo takes the colors of sunglasses into the future. The colors that are featured on these sunglasses are iridescent and flow into one another. You might be thinking, okay are there not already millions of sunglasses like that? No. The way that the colors mysteriously flow into one another is something that is not commonly seen. These sunglasses have a mystique and futuristic style to them that make them amazing!